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, turning to the scandal surrounding the nsa and our government's massive secret surveillance programs. some lawmakers are now questioning whether there are enough oversight and privacy protections following an audit that revealed the nsa violated privacy rules. thousands of times. all of this, despite the fact that president obama has assured americans that the agency is properly monitored. elizabeth brand is with us. they tubing it out on sunday talk shows. >> lawmakers are passionate both sides of the aisle. some say the problem is not the nsa programs but the president's inability to explain the complex task of collecting metadata. others say it needs oversight, whether the court or congressional. >> they understand the separation of powers. checks and balances are supposed to come from independent branches of government. he thinks that if he gets some lawyers together from the nsa and they do a power point presentation, tell him everything is okay, that the nsa can police themselves. >> fully disagree with senator rand, that was a grab bag of misinformation and distortion coming from hi
facing increasing back lash from his own party on the nsa scandal. and just a short time ago, federal investigators searching for answers in the deadly ups plane crash in alabama. they announce new details about what may have gone wrong. but first. law makers and the president may both be on the summer break, but there is no vacation from the show down of obama care threatening to shut down the government. >> you and your family deserve the same relief the president gave to big businesses by giving a employer man date. >> they make it fail they will be sticking it to me. but they are sticking it to you. >> in a moment, brand new polls show how it is affecting the president and congress' approval numbers. >> also, violence escalates in egypt. security forces raiding a mosque with muslim supporters barricaded ndzment >> fox reports from the middle east. chaos gripping the partner in the volatile part of the world. >> helping to heal the heroes who sacrificed so much for all of us. where wounded warriors are timing up with olympics coaches. >> it is a lot. you cope them pushing every day
issues which are front and center on the minds of many americans. >> don't put the nsa with the irs. they are totally different problems and issues and i believe there is ample evidence that the irs abused the player and daughter liz a political candidate. words from the father/daughter duomaking headlines. >> i am harris faulkner. how will the united states respond to the crisis in syria that has millions of people pouring over the borders trying to escape the slaughter house that their country has become. it could create now havens for terrorist and american national security time talked about the next step and talked about what is unfolding, pictures that are so hard to look at and impossible to aunticate and seem to go along with chemical attacks in syria. and more on the high level meeting for you. and first a deadly game of back and forth played out at this houred in of syria. they are accusing the anti- government rebels of using chemical weapons and others call that a thinly veiled attempt from the nerve gas assault on a neighborhood they say. defense secretary chuck hagel a
the president's ideas pure window dressing. others are defending the nsa and its surveillance of our phone calls and e-mails saying reforms could affect our counterterrorism efforts, in fact, make it dangerous for some of us. elizabeth prann with the news tonight from washington. >> hi, harris. on the heels of president obama's friday press conference we learned the government will continue its nsa surveillance program. there will be additional efforts with congress as well as other means to improve transparency. but that has created debate among lawmakers. the president says he will push for more explanation from the nsa as well as an independent attorney during secret foreign intelligence surveillance court hearings, or fisa hearings. as well as an outside advisory panel to review u.s. surveillance powers. some nsa backers say while its programs are keeping america safe, friday's proposals could slow the efficiency. >> the idea of having a public defender, when really it's a search warrant to the fisa court, which you wouldn't have in a normal criminal case, would slow down the efficacy and ef
bugging, the united nations? a new report says america's spy agency, the nsa, targeted u.n. headquarters. in minutes, what the latest allegations against the nsa could mean for washington and our allies. and when you run with the bulls, you want to dodge the horns. but there's another danger lurking in america's newest past time, the drones over the sand. no really, you have to watch out for those, too, apparently. i am harris faulkner. the pope, leader of one billion catholics around the world has spoken about syria. as you know, world governments, including our own, are pondering what to do about the civil war in syria creating millions of refugees, putting pressure on neighboring muslim countries and potentially punching holes in an already fragile imbalance there. it could be the opening for terrorists to capitalize on the chaos in syria. aside from the wrangling by the politicians and diplomats, today, pope francis called for action, urging the international community to step up efforts to help syria end the war. the pope addressed tens of thousands of worshippers in st. peter's squ
in president obama's claim and the program in the nsa. the president said before everyone takes a long vacation. he wants the secretative agency to be more traps parent. this follows the moting the president had with surveillance from big tech company like apple and at&t. peter, why are they taking issue with the plane? >> different reasons, some say the reforms go far and some say not far enough. speaker john boehner wants to make sure that the president's priority is saving american's lives and not saving face. >> others say we need a president who defends our intelligence program and explain its appropriately to the american people and uses capability in his arsenal to defoot the al-qaeda. the flip side made by senator ron widen who is encouraged by the proposed reforms and wants more and wants them detailed. i have seen 0 evidence that the bulk of the american's phone records provided any unique value to intelligence gathering or making americans safer. they should insure that bulk collection is ended. that is more reform than the president wants. yesterday president obama stressed the impo
that interviewed nsa leaker edward snowden and broke the whole story, greenwald says some members of congress are being denied to basic information about the national security agency. he claims two lawmakers turned over documents showing how their requests for details on surveillance programs and secret courts that oversee them have gone ignored. meanwhile, some rare bipartisan agreement as two top lawmakers on opposite sides of the political aisle are now on the same page, urging president obama to get tough with russian president vladimir putin over edward snowden. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> reporter: if it wasn't for edward snowden, most members of congress would have no idea how the nsa operates, according to one republican that calls the nsa leaker a whistleblower. >> without his doing what he did, members of congress would not have known about it. there's allegations this information was given to congress, of course congress passed the patriot act and fisa amendment act,rs of congress were not away on the whole what the programs were being used for. >> reporter: the j
, they have to talk about the deficit. they've got to talk about changing laws for the nsa and so on. a lot on their plates and now syria for the month of september. before i let you know, general, senator johnny isakson, a republican in georgia said this -- if we fail to take action against syria for his horrendous act then we are sending a signal to syria as well as to iran and north korea that they are accountable to no one. your thoughts? >> well, i got that, but if we're going to be hesitant, if the response is going to be a pinpick, if the syrians come back to this with assad in a stronger position, particularly in the eyes of his regional neighbors, if the syrian army and air force is not really damaged, and immediately starts, restarts the war and starts killing civilians at a higher rate, then the rest of the world is going to look at us and say, okay, america. what do you do next? and if we hesitate a second time, the net result of all of this may be worse than simply doing nothing, harris. >> general scales. a pleasure to you have this evening in pe spe evening. your perspective
these nsa programs that have been so hotly debated looking for patterns of communication over the internet and things that are posted on websites. you know, when you look at all your intelligence, you're looking at every source that you can use. so while we've had a lot of hype and hysteria, frankly, about threats to privacy of american citizens, it's the protection of americans from foreign threats, terrorists and other adversaries that these intelligence systems are designed to pick up. this is intended to spy on foreigners who hate the united states. and i got to believe these programs help contribute to the conclusion that we needed to take these steps. >> we're fortunate to be able to cover some ground with you, some good ground with you tonight. before i let you go, why sunday august 4 for this terrorist threat from al qaeda? >> well, there's a lot of speculation about significant dates. the coming at the end of ram dan and the like. s it could be there's a political significance to the date. could also be al qaeda's plans and capabilities have come together. we've had prison breaks
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)